Crows Restaurant | The Ramada Inn | 123 Gorge Road East | Victoria BC Canada | 778-265-2762


Best Resturant in Victoria for Breakfast and top 5 for day time meals.. Yo the Chefs here be like super dope! Great hours too. Check the flick of the Tania Benny. This shiz is tight AF.

Thales Of Miletus

Two of us ate here 2 nights running. I had the duck risotto and my partner had ribs. Both were unusual. Very tasty.
The next night we both had the burger on special. It was lovely. I had mine with salad instead of fries.
Would recommend especially if you get the 15% discount from Robin Hood Motel.

Heather Schofield

Inspired upscale diner fare. Good brunch menu and dinner. Massive poutine -- one of the best I've seen in the city

Kier Robins

Wonderful place, great food! Portions are generous and tasty, the staff is outstanding, restaurant is clean with pleasant decor. Had the Crows Hash, it was superb - sweet potatoes mixed in with the breakfast potatoes? Yes please! Just the right amount of spiciness added to a savory dish, they make their own sauces too.
Definitely a hidden gem, will be back to try more dishes.

Mike Hutchison

Good food. . .including some gluten free entrees.
They're very friendly and always express a willingness to cater to individual needs. . .so great service.
And it's usually quiet so it's a great place to go for a catch up with friends.
I almost hesitate to recommend for that reason but otoh they deserve to flourish.
One of my favorites . . .FOR SUR

Regan T. Cameron

I have so far had two meals here. I am vegetarian and there are great options. They are very conscious of vegetarian needs. Food is homey, and very tasty. Staff have been great. Crows makes the Ramada look good since they are in same building. Only thing they are missing is a nice outdoor patio space.

Sheri Gundry

I was impressed with this restaurant, not only for the food quality but the tasteful decor and well laid out interior. It was super clean and tidy. The eggs benny I had were superb and well presented, no complaints here. It was definitely far removed from the old "hotel restaurant" , and the menu was edgy with plenty of options for the people who enjoy a more adventurous selection. Well done! Service was good.

Atis Metuzals

Great breakfast. Had the Full Crows breakfast with 3 meats and English muffins. Tasty. Friendly service. Reasonable prices. Would go again.
Victor Chang

They have a rotating weekly menu which is nice for options. Very well priced too. Love the local art on the walls.

Augusta Gray 

Been staying at the attached hotel for over a week, Excellent food. The chef's take pride in their work. Great staff, amazing breakfast. Good prices. For breakfast if you are feeling adventurous try the Truman special, the chef's create something new and completely off menu. Truly let's them shine! Atmosphere was great as well, very modern decor.

Joshua Marshall