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BREAKFAST (from 7 am to 130 pm Monday to Thursday and till 230 on weekends)

Omelettes and Scrambles

Two Egg Western Omelette - 13
Diced peppers, red onion, green onions, diced ham, (vegetarians may substitute mushrooms for the ham) and cheddar cheese. Served with our breakfast potatoes and toast.

The Andy Jones Egg White Scramble - 14
A 5 egg-white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, and red onions. Served with a small fruit bowl (fresh cut fruit), toast of your choice and a side of our salsa rojas.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast - 8
Large piece of grilled french bread topped with creamy scrambled eggs (heavy cream added to the eggs), green onion, coarse black pepper and drizzled pesto aioli. (add bacon to the scramble for +2)

3 x 3 Omelettes and scrambles - 14
Three egg omelettes stuffed with three ingredients and served with our breakfast potatoes and toast.

The Hashes

Oktoberfest Hash - 14
Diced potatoes sautéed with chicken stock, grainy mustard, green onions, Oktoberfest sausage, and bacon. Topped with two eggs (cooked how you like) and drizzled with paprika aioli and our hot sauce. Served with toast.

Vegetarian Breakfast Hash - 14
Diced sautéed potatoes, with pesto, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Topped with two eggs (cooked how you like) and drizzled with pesto aioli and a dash of our hot sauce. Served with toast.

Stacked Duck Hash - 16
Hand cut potatoes, scrambled eggs, our salsa rojas, a crispy garlic crostini, duck breast, a sunny egg, drizzled with hollandaise and our BBQ sauce

The Bennies 

Ham Steak Benny -13
Grilled english muffin, black forest ham, two poached eggs, and hollandaise. Served with our breakfast potatoes.

Blackstone Benny - 13
Grilled english muffin, grilled tomatoes, bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise, and a drizzle of spicy paprika aioli. Served with our breakfast potatoes.

Spinach and Tomato Benny - 13
Grilled english muffin, sautéed spinach & tomatoes, two poached eggs, and chilli spiced hollandaise. Served with our breakfast potatoes.

The Tusche Triple Play - 14
Named after our friend Derek Tusche (of Hecklers Bar and Grill fame). It is three crispy latkes (gluten-free) Topped with three pieces of back bacon, three poached eggs, a drizzle of hollandaise and our BBQ sauce. Garnished with a sprinkle of green onions and diced tomatoes.

Crab Cake Benny - 15
Two of our crab cakes and our crispy potatoes, drizzled with our pesto aioli, topped with poached eggs, hollandaise and diced tomatoes for garnish.

Very Veggie Benny - 14
A layer of our grilled ratatouille vegetable stew topped with our veggie burger patty, two poached eggs, hollandaise and a sprinkle of curry powder. Served with our crispy breakfast potatoes.

Other Breakfast Favourites

Crows Breakfast - 9
Two eggs cooked any style; with our breakfast potatoes and toast.
Add a side breakfast meat for 2 dollars per selection
Available meat sides; bacon, ham, Oktoberfest sausage, Canadian back bacon, or bacon-wrapped-meatloaf.

Birds Nest - 10
Two pieces of grilled french bread, with a fried egg nestled in the centre of each. Served with bacon, ham, Oktoberfest sausage, or bacon wrapped meatloaf. (you can add more than one side meat + 2 per side)

John’s Denver - 10
Scrambled eggs, bell peppers, green onion, ham (mushrooms may be substituted for vegetarians), cheddar cheese, a drizzle of hollandaise, and salsa verde; all sandwiched between toasted bread of your choice. Served with our crispy breakfast potatoes.

The Beast Breakfast Sandwich – 15
A triple deck breakfast sandwich (A burger bun cut into 3) with; two fried eggs, bacon wrapped meatloaf, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, grilled tomato, cheddar crisp, parmesan crisp, paprika aioli, salsa, and hollandaise. Served with our crispy breakfast potatoes

Wham Bam Thankyou Sandwich - 5
Fried egg, grilled tomato, slice of cheddar and hollandaise, brioche bun. That’s it

The Trueman - 12
This is our take on a chef’s choice. You can state sweet, or savory; vegetarian, or omnivore. Beyond that it’s up to the kitchen to decide your breakfast. (if you insist on more specific options, they are $2 per choice). We can promise it will be big and delicious (at least in our eyes).

Sweet Stuff 

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes - 7
Four fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with a side of maple syrup.

French Toast - 7
French bread dipped in a mix of egg, vanilla, apple juice and secret spice blend, then grilled.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice Oatmeal Cereal - 7
Our special blend of oatmeal and other grains and seeds, brown sugar and mixed spices. Topped with raisins.

Bowl of Cereal - 5
We have over 15 types available
(Please ask server for details)

Kids Breakfast

Kids bacon and eggs - 6.5

1 egg, bacon (sausage or ham), and toast

Eggs over toast - 6.5
2 eggs scrambled over grilled french bread

Kids pancakes - 4.5
Kids size version of our pancakes

Cereal - 5.5
We have over 15 varieties to choose from.

Kid size hot cereal - 5.5
Hot multigrain cereal with brown sugar and our secret blend of spices and topped with raisins.

Breakfast side bites
One egg - 2.5
Cooked how you like it. (except boiled in the shell… we don’t have the little cups)

Side breakfast meat - 3
Either 3 strips of smoked bacon, 2 thick slices of black forest ham, 1 large Oktoberfest style sausage, 1 slice of our bacon wrapped meatloaf, or 3 pieces Canadian back bacon (+1 dollar)

Toast - 2.5 (+2.5 for GF)
Sourdough, multigrain, marble rye, english muffin

Breakfast potatoes - 4
Russet potatoes.

Side Latkes - 5
Three savoury eastern european inspired potato pancakes with a dollop savoury aioli and green onions.

Tomatoes - 3
Thick cut grilled tomatoes or sliced fresh tomatoes.

Side Hollandaise - 2
2 oz. of our hollandaise.

Cream cheese - 2.5
2 oz. of cream cheese. Sweet or unsweetened

Nutella - 2
2 oz. Nutella.

Apple Blueberry Compote - 2.5
2 oz. of a apple and blueberry compote (think of it as warm jam).

Raisins - 2
2 oz. of raisins.

Yogurt and Honey - 4
Greek style yogurt and honey